G & T                            Your Yoga Fix
G & T                            Your Yoga Fix

Your First Class?

Please arrive about 10-15 minutes early (if possible) so we can meet you, discuss your goals and expectations and allow time to fill out some paperwork.   If you need a yoga mat, No Problem, we have several.  We also provide blocks and straps-known as props to help the individual alignment and accessibility within a pose.


If you are new to Yoga, or it has been a while, we recommend the Basics & Backs Class to get started.

Level Of Fitness?

At Your Yoga Fix we believe "Yoga Can Benefit Every Body" ; from the high performance athlete to those perhaps dealing with a mobility issue.  However it is critical that you know and accept your limitations and if you are being treated for a condition or injury that you discuss it with your health care provider and are cleared to perform exercise. 

What To Wear?

Comfortable, loose fitting clothes that will not ride up or fall down during poses as we will be bending over, getting up & down, reaching and stetching.  You may want to dress in layers or have something to cover yourself in final relaxation.  Sweat pants over shorts are common---

What About Eating Before?

It is normally recommended that you refrain from eating an hour or so before class.  However, if you need to eat to regulate your blood sugar, PLEASE do so...


If it has been several hours since you have had a chance to grab a bite, perhaps  yogurt, some nuts or a piece of fruit would be a good snack ahead of class.

What To Expect?

Classes are scheduled for an hour----The class is comprised of three segments-

Warm Up-Work Out & Cool Down.  The last 5-8 minutes is in a relaxation pose allowing a chance for all the benefits to settle and the body to acclimate before heading back to "real life"

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