G & T                            Your Yoga Fix
G & T                            Your Yoga Fix

Your Yoga Fix offers a wide variety of classes, from beginner to advanced. Whether you desire a power flowing style that makes you sweat or a more restorative, therapeutic practice to calm and refresh, we can supply Your Yoga Fix at your own unique level of fitness.


Our General Classes are listed below....


Check out our Calendar Tab to view scheduled classes or contact us for more information on scheduling.

Basics & Backs

Basics & Backs is slower-more core oriented and focuses on becoming familiar and proficient with the basic poses.  The warm up and relaxation portions of the practice are longer and the "workout" section in between is shorter.  However, a person could choose to intensify the class, adding flows or other modifications to increase intensity for a strength building and/or cardiovascular component.


Multi-Level Class

The Multi-Level classes are a little faster pace-vinyasa flowing style-but people should  follow their breath not the pace of the instructor. Modifications are provided to both enhance and dilute intensity, so each person can individualize the practice to find that place where breath and movement combine to create the "edge".  The Multi-Level Class is recommended once you are familiar with the basic poses-


Intermediate Class

Intermediate classes only require a general understanding and knowledge of the yoga poses; but more importantly, an understanding of one's own abilities and limitations.  We move a little faster and the workout session is a little longer.  We offer different modifications and experiment with some of the more "ambitious" postures.  Tapping into the combination of breath and movement-this class will build heat and generate a vigorous work out.  Bring It!!!

Additional Classes

HOT YOGA-A quick paced, flowing yoga class with the room heated up to 104 degrees!!!!  You do need to know of any counterindicated conditions, have a general knowledge of the poses and be willing to listen to your body-Check CALENDAR Tab for scheduling


Yoga First-Wine Later-  This class is currently on sabbatical (hold) through the Holiday Season.  It is typically a Saturday afternoon class, where afterward we regroup downtown for a glass of wine, laughs and great conversation.  Really all that is required to have the class is---Someone to Ask-and we will schedule it.


Kids Yoga-We are both trained in Kids Yoga and look forward to establishing a class later this year-We do need enough interest to make it viable-So talk with us about it!!!!


Private Sessions-We are available for one on one or small group sessions.  Feel free to contact us for scheduling and pricing.  From a Girls Night Out to Real Guys Do Yoga-we can design and provide a class to meet your needs. 


Workshops-We will be putting on Special Workshops throughout the year.  They will be posted on the website with flyers in the Studio.  A minimum number of participants signing up is required to hold a workshop.  Topics may include-Essential Oils-Inversions-Crow and Arm Balances-Meditation-Yoga For Runners-Yoga for Cyclists or perhaps something you want-

Let Us Know!!!

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